Value Proposition

Who are the target groups? What are the benefits compared to its competitor? What problem does the product solve? What positive change should it bring out?🤔
Target Groups:
Which market or market segment does the product address?
As an international Brand/marketplace, NFTmall looks forward to touching all the different market segments which various blockchain offers. Our vision is to integrate all the blockchain networks under one unified, universal"NFTmall"platform. Working in line with the vision, we have already integrated and live on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Avalanche & Polygon. Currently, NFTmall enlarges its stake in the worldwide NFT market by introducing Thundercore into the NFT stream and adding another segment to the growing NFT industry, which is still in the infant stage. We look forward to introducing Thundercore to the NFT community & creators and showcasing the benefits it offers.
Who are the target customers and users? People from various walks of life-related to the NFTs or NFT community, newcomers in the space, users of various blockchain networks, crypto & NFT investors, all levels of NFT creators/Artists, NFT collection owners, traders, content creators, crypto & social media influencers, celebrities, affiliates, curators, NFT whales, etc. and the already existing vast number ofNFTmallplatform users and its community members.
What are the benefits compared to its competitor?
Since NFTmall is multichain and already live on BSC, Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon and look forward to integrating Thundercore and all the other chains in the coming days & months to bring them under one universal unified platform. We made it available, and creators can utilise low gas cost chains to redefine the cost of NFT creation, sharing and ownership. It allows to empower young talents & up and coming artists to join and reduce barriers to entry. As well as NFTmall allows leading aspiring artists and NFT project/collection creators to bring their dreams to life.
Low Entry Barrier comparison
Different users & their role on NFTmall
Other benefits of the platform include but are not limited to,
  • A super sleek, easy-to-use user interface marketplace & launchpad with beautiful great design.
  • Reliable, Cost-efficient & Secured.
  • A universal NFT platform for all. Accommodates everyone according to their needs.
  • Offers "Zero" platform fees to mint NFT and charges only 2% on NFT sell or 1% if GEM is used, which is the cheapest in the space.
  • Houses famous NFT artists as "Featured Creators" to appreciate creativity.
  • Offers different NFT auctioning systems (Timed auction & Open to bid).
  • Has its native token, GEM 💎 with various utility & use-cases throughout the ecosystem, including governance of the platform.
  • Has a robust API "NFT explorer" (Google of NFT).
  • It aims to offer NFT Fractionalise, lending & borrowing service in the coming days & months.
What problem does the product solve?
What positive change should it bring out?
  • It should introduce the NFT community and allow NFT minting to a high transaction speed, low-cost chains in a secure manner for NFT minting encouraging creativity.
  • It opens up the door for relatively new chains and creates a broader NFT market by introducing them with NFT streamline, allowing NFT minting and trading.
  • NFTmall empowers creators by providing a cost-efficient, super sleek, reliable, easy to use user interface platform, which should attract and create interest for newcomers in NFT & crypto space in general.
  • It should make the NFT community and NFT creators more diverse and vibrant.
  • Users can experience a super-fast, reliable, sleek, and easy-to-use user experience platform.
  • It makes NFT minting, listing & trading super easy and efficient for NFT creators & traders.
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