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Whats the projects roadmap?
What's next for NFTmall? Our Roadmap to success! 🔥
Q3/Q4 2020:
  • Team creation
  • Market research
  • The Project concept was finalised & documented
  • Smart contract development(BEP20 token, ERC721 & ERC1155 token exchange, Marketplace smart contracts)
Q1/Q2 2021:
  • GEM Token Sale
  • GEM Token Staking, Liquidity Mining, Program launch
  • DEX(Decentralized Exchange) listing
  • CEX(Centralized Exchange) listing
  • Community building
  • Pre-launch marketing NFTmall main net launch! 🚀
  • Strategic partnerships with popular projects and leading eCommerce brands.
Q3/Q4 2021:
  • NFTmall v1.0 mainnet launch! 🚀
  • Mainnet live on Ethereum
  • Strategic partnership with popular projects and leading eCommerce brand
  • Explore multiple scaling & cross-chain solutions and integration(ex. Polkadot, Avalanche, Solana, Polygon, Fantom etc.)
  • NFTmall v2.0 mainnet launch! 🚀
  • Listings of various chain popular NFT projects
Q1/Q2 2022:
  • Staking contracts development for traditional & LP staking, platform fees sharing, Automated Buyback & Burn mechanism
  • Physical redemption of various chain NFTs goes live
  • Launch NFTmall Launchpad an IDO & INO platform
  • Release Physical NFT verification & Real-time NFT projection app
  • Launch Founder NFT series collections P2E game development & release
  • NFTmall 3D development
Q3/Q4 2022:
  • We are Scaling Faster Further and Beyond.As our platform is live on several main nets and more and more users are joining, we anticipate exponential growth in our partner chains.
  • Phygital NFT Commerce.Being the first to present ‘Phygital’ (Physical & Digital) utility to the NFT world.
  • No-code NFT Collection Minting.Both ERC721 & 1155
  • Public NFT API for 3rd party project integration. i.e. NFT marketplaces, Web3 wallets and Analytical websites.
  • Social Features. Enabling users following, NFT likings, commenting, and direct chatting (soon) Enabling social interactions and chat service.
  • Launch of NFTmall DAO. NFTmall Governance Forum is a platform for a higher level of decentralisation.
  • Pioneer of GameFi Infrastructure - Home of Game NFTs and NFT Games. NFTmall integration with popular web2 game app through partnership and introducing NFT & Game Economy in the gamification.
  • NFT Games. Did anyone tell you about NFTmall Games? Probably not, because it’s secret yet. 🤫
  • Yet another chain? Did anyone tell you about chain-to-scale NFT gaming projects? Probably not, because it’s secret yet.🤫
Keep an eye on us. 👀
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