How to Bridge GEM💎?

How to bridge GEM to various Blockchain networks and vice versa?

In this guide, the processes of bridging have been shown using the BSC GEM bridge to the ThunderCore network and turned into ThunderCore GEM. however, it's exactly the same process for any other blockchain network or vice versa.

Step 1: Go to Multichain and click on "Connect" choose the Web3 wallet you prefer/ held GEM and connect. We recommend using Metamask. You are now connected to Binance smart chain and you don't require changing the networks since we are bridging BSC GEM from the BNB chain network.

Step 2: In From Section select BNB Chain since we will be bridging BSC GEM to another blockchain. On Token section Search GEM and select NFTmall GEM token. Now type in the amount of GEM you would like to bridge from the selected network, here we choose the BNB chain and bridge BSC GEM to another Blockchain(ThunderCore).

Step 3: In the To section select the targeted network to bridge to, here choose ThunderCore since we are bridging to Thundercore Network. On Token section Search GEM and select NFTmall GEM token. Once you type in the GEM amount in the From section, choose the network and select the token for the bridge and choose the targeted network and token in to "TO Section", it automatically shows the amount of GEM you will receive on the targeted blockchain deducting Multiswap fees charged in GEM. You can also change or add a different address where you want to send your bridged GEM by clicking on "SEND TO"

Step 4: Now click "SWAP" and a pop-up will appear like in the image asking you to review the tx details and confirm, click "Confirm" to Confirm the tx as well as confirm the tx on your connected Web3 wallet. Congratulations!🎉 you just bridged BSC GEM to ThunderCore as ThunderCore GEM and have been added to your provided ThunderCore wallet.

Click Here for a Video tutorial on bridging GEM💎.

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