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What's an INO Platform?🤔

The cryptocurrency industry is booming, and there are new ways for you to raise funds that don't involve a fiat currency - one of them being an Initial Non-Fungible Token Offering or INO and the platform offers these offerings called INO platform. This means you can offer an NFT during the early stages of your project before it goes live so people can buy it while the offer lasts.
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are collectable digital assets that hold their value in cryptos rather than dollars; they're tokens which cannot be replaced with another token because they're individualized.
The fundraising process involves offerings from NFTs from first-generation, or genesis NFTs, for a short time. Therefore, crowdfunding empowers the investors who participate to benefit from the supply of rare NFTs.
Meanwhile, the Initial NFT Offerings solve many challenges that the artist and developers have from selling collectibles and non-fungible tokens.
If you need to raise funds (whether it's big bucks or just a small change), you might want to give this new fundraising method some thought.