How to Participate?

How to participate in INO on NFT launchpad?
INO participation on NFT Launchpad is quite straightforward and simple. All you need is to buy/hold at least 5000 GEM in any chain or to own an NFT from the NFTmall Founder NFT series upon its launch. (Note: The amount of GEM needed to hold for participation is reviewed from time to time and adjusted based on the current GEM token price.)
i.e. Project participated on NFT Launchpad
Any NFT collections/ Projects that launch in NFT Launchpad have a different number of Digital Item/NFT allocations of their choice and it is a different number based on each collection/Project. Smart Contract allows users to Mint of NFTs on INO upon confirmation of holding of GEM token or an NFT from NFTmall Founder NFT series and sell occurs in FCFS basis(First Come First Serve).