NFT Materialisation

What is NFT materialisation?
We create a bridge between Digital NFT and Physical products secured with blockchain. opens a whole new world where NFT and eCommerce meet. It's no longer a dream to Materialise an NFT into physical products and show off its authenticity using our mobile app!
Any NFT owner can order the Digital version of their NFT to materialise objects like Canvas, Framed Canvas, Digital Canvas etc. using our NFT Materialisation service.
All they need to do is to list their NFT/NFTs on NFTmall if it's not listed yet! and order their preferred materialise service. Users are able to get delivered their materialise NFT to their "Doorsteps" in any part of the world!
Users can also have a Preview of the Materialise NFT on our website and in AR through our AR & NFT verification App before the materialisation!
Preview of materialise NFT on
Note:Our AR & NFTverification app is currently on Appstore test flight & NFTmall will goLIVE with NFT materialisation service soon.
  • Using the NFTmall materialisation service users get high-quality prints. since we will use the original digital file of the NFT which is stored on IPFS.
  • We use premium-quality ink to print.
  • As well as Print ink we use high-end materials for materialisation.
  • We have facilities in UK, USA, Canada & Australia using the same ink and same printing tools to ensure High quality and a high-end product. Thus we also make sure delivery worldwide at a very reasonable price!
  • Deliveries can be tracked
What else comes with the pack?
All packaging also includes the following -