How do I get a verified mark? ✅

How to get yourself and your collection verified on our marketplace!
A checkmark ✅ on an account or collection means that it has been verified by the NFTmall team. As our team regularly checks for accounts and collections to verify to keep our users safe.
This guide explains the criteria uses when considering blue checkmark verification on accounts and collections.

Account Verification 😉

Checkmarks prevent the impersonation of an artist or a company controlling a particular wallet. A checkmark generally signifies to the investors which is the real party they are dealing with.
As an artist or a project, you must have proof of existence, generally, a good social presence on platforms like Twitter / Instagram can go a long way. This allows our team to review and fact-check the project or artist's authenticity

Collection Verification

A verification badge is given collection if it's able to generate either a good volume or if the members representing the collection contact the team to do the process. If the collection reaches a good volume the team can also directly contact you to know your authenticity.
The team will demand the following proofs from the collection's owner/artist
  1. 1.
    Draft files of the collection/NFT assets.
  2. 2.
    Contact information.
Even if a project meets the volume criteria, NFTmall still reserves the right to decline verification as well as remove verification if the collection is not in line with our community guidelines.
Furthermore, NFTmall does not verify spin-offs, homage, or remix collections. This is done to protect users from misinterpreting such collections as having an official relationship with the original collection.
If your collection meets the criteria for verification listed above, please Apply Here.
Note : ⚠️ Please double-check when you see a blue checkmark before purchasing an NFT. A legitimate blue checkmark collection will display a "Verified Collection" checkmark ✅ when you hover the mouse over the checkmark. A verified collection will always be "safe listed".