Major Designs & Upgradability

NFTmall's design allows for upgradability as well as improvement to the marketplace. Recently we have upgraded the platform from v1 to v2. As can be seen, NFTmall has been consistently delivering on the roadmaps and allowing for multi-chain use. We also ship new features on demand by the community.
Recently NFTmall is also a physically redeemable NFT marketplace that allows the users to feel their NFTs. These features are no less than innovative and also showcase the plethora of features that the team is capable of coming up with.
The system is also designed with additional protections for users. For instance, protocol fees are read from each execution strategy, for which the protocol fee cannot be upgraded without redeploying a new strategy contract. Similarly, ask orders contain protections against unexpected changes in royalty fees with a minimum percentage of the price that must go to the ask side (or the transaction would revert).
Finally, the system offer benefits to users such as the human-readability of the signed message thanks to the use of EIP-712 signatures but it also supports EIP-1271 as a signature validation method for smart contracts.