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Mission & Vision

What is NFTmalls purpose, mission & vision ?🤔
Introducing NFTmall
"The purpose of NFTmall is to create a super-fast, reliable, cost-efficient, easy-to-use user experience NFT minting & trading platform incorporating all the chains under one hood. Your one-stop-shop for anything & everything related to NFT" - MD Rakib Ahamed.
NFTmall = Multichain NFT infrastructure provider, powerful NFT API + Physically orderable NFT Marketplace + Launchpad.
Mission & vision statement: Our mission & vision is to create a level playing field that bridges the gap between traditional and niche digital item artists and solves the limitations of current top tire NFT marketplaces. Our solution is a unified platform integrated into all the chains, which is the common ground for potential talent worldwide to showcase their work cost-effectively and get treated fairly. The platform also bridges the gap between digitised and real-world while allowing real-world use cases for NFTs by introducing revolutionary features like the NFT Materialisation service. The platform enables NFT owners to order their NFTs into physical objects like clothing, printed canvas, digital frames, collectable cards etc. Using our AR & NFT verification app, users can project the NFTs into their materialised form on any surface before ordering a materialisation service. The platform also offers the auction of NFTs & a multichain Launchpad (an INO platform) for NFT project fundraising. The vision includes "NFT explorer" (Google of NFT), a robust API through which users can find all chains of NFTs/ NFT projects using the NFT search engine. Apart from using ourselves, we will also provide this API solution to third-party dapps under conditions such as NFTmarketplace, NFTAnalytics websites, and Various interested wallets willing to show NFTs of various chains in their user's wallet etc. We also look forward to launching a governance platform, NFTmall DAO, governed by the GEM token holders & NFTmalls Founder NFT series holders. The platform aims to engage the NFTmall community to an even more extent. The community would be able to submit the proposal for suggesting platform betterment, sharing ideas, requesting changes in system parameters etc. Our vision also includes developing a futuristic 3D NFTmarketplace in the coming days called NFTmall 3D/NFTverse, where will be various types of 3D virtual stores like "NFT art gallery, NFT gaming items, Pristine NFT collections, Audio NFTs" etc. NFTmalls featured creators will have a guaranteed listing of their popular NFTs/collections in the NFT art gallery at NFTverse. Also, Popular individual NFT artists or NFT projects will have the opportunity to build/buy their brand-named dedicated store to display & trade their NFTs on NFTverse.Users will be able to immerse themselves in NFTverse with Avatars and will be able to roam around in different stores and make trades of NFTs displayed in those stores. Exploration and business in the first-ever 3D NFT marketplace would start. We also look forward to offering NFTverse in AR (Augmented Reality) and incorporating it into our AR & NFT verification app shortly. Using the multichain NFTmall marketplace as a solid foundation, we are going to enter the NFT / web3 gaming industry. We'll build NFTmall as the central hub for web3 games. such as in the metaverse. Our vision also includes Launching our own Blockchain network. We are going to launch our own blockchain and token with faster transactions and near-zero gas fees to achieve mass adoption.