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The simplest way to integrate NFTmall's services into your app is by adding a link that meets the standard defined down below.
For example, you can simply add a button reading 'Trade on NFTmall' in your app to allow your users to trade their NFTs.


NFTs on NFTmall have the following URL structure.{blockchain_id}/{collection_id}/{token_id}
A Typical NFT on NFTmall
  1. 1.
    blockchain_id indicates the blockchain the NFT is minted on. It must be one of the following values.
    • thundercore
    • bsc
    • avax
    • eth
    • polygon
  2. 2.
    collection_id indicates the address of the NFT smart contract on the blockchain.
  3. 3.
    token_id indicates the unique identifier of the NFT in its collection.
You can verify these values on most block explorers.


Similarly, Collections on NFTmall have the following URL structure{blockchain_id}/{collection_id}
A Typical Collection on NFTmall