NFTmall marketplace FAQ?

  • Can i create NFT on NFTmall without putting it on Sale?
Yes, you can Mint NFT on the various chains through NFTmall and it's up to you how you want to list it on NFTmall either "Fixed price sell, Open for bids or Timed auction". NFTs are stored in your wallet and you have the opportunity to list them in other third-party marketplaces as well.
  • Can i edit the NFT price after listing?
Absolutely, the asking price of NFTs can be modified at any time of your wish!
  • Can NFTs be burnt on NFTmall after creation?
Yes, NFTmall facilitates this feature and NFTs can be burnt by clicking on "Burn NFT" on your NFT display page and you would only require to sign a transaction on your web3 wallet!
  • Is there any royalty system in place at NFTmall?
Yes, one of the NFTmall's missions is empowering creativity and artists. And NFTmall allows setting a royalty fee commission for each NFT creation and also gets paid instantly with every sell, unlike other marketplaces. we recommend setting a Royalty between 5-10%. However, creators can set the royalty fees up to 30% max.