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Value Proposition?

Whats the purpose of NFT Launchpad, What benefit does it provides, What problem does it solves?
In recent years, we've seen an unprecedented amount of innovation in non-fungible tokens (NFTs). " Bored Ape Yacht Club" & " Crypto punks" are some to mention and inspired many young talents. As the market for these tokens expands, so will the need for a premium quality launchpad.
The Purpose of NFT Launchpad:
"The purpose of the NFT Launchpad is to empower NFT creators and helps NFT collection owners to build awareness and grow the community early by arranging an Initial NFT offering (INO). It also helps secure funding for NFT collections owners & helps to launch high-quality resource-intensive NFT projects." -- MD Rakib Ahamed
The Benefits:
  • It empowers NFT creators and helps NFT creators to get early support & engagement, building the community.
  • For creators and projects, these INO offerings are a way to lessen the barriers of entry when it comes to creating virtual goods.
  • NFT collections are scrupulously selected for NFT Launchpad.
  • It incentivises GEM & Founder NFT series holders by giving them early access to participation.
  • It offers multiple system model ( FCFS & Lottery ) for NFT distributions & securing funding for NFT collection owners.
  • Secured verified badge & automatic listings on the premium NFT marketplace.
The Problem it solves:
  • A lessened barrier to entry by providing early access to mass NFTmall & its partnered ecosystems.
  • Acquiring an NFT from Hot NFT collections can be difficult because they aren't available to the general public. NFT Launchpad solves this problem by offering an INO(presale of NFTs) of Hot NFT collections.
  • Creators/Collections owners do not have to worry about the collection listings and getting verified badge.