NFT Launchpad

NFT Launchpad- An Innovative INO Platform.
Launch your NFT Collection.
NFT Launchpad is one of its kind Multichain, NFT mechanics INO platform. The NFT Launchpad platform is an integrated product & service of the NFTmall ecosystem. The Platform uses GEM as its utility token and a specific amount of GEM holdings or owning NFTmall “Founder NFT series “ NFTs enables participation in the platform. The INO Platform serves a vast number of uses to an array of users. The platform offers to fundraise for NFT collection owners. NFT collection owners can use the platform to launch the presale of their NFT collections. Launch your NFT Collection on NFT Launchpad, The Advertising is on us. The Profits go to you.
  • A multi-chain focused project incubation while providing a safe token-launch mechanism thus helps the projects in their initial stages to get the fuel for a proper take-off.
  • Multiple system models (FCFS & Lottery) & a Four-tier launchpad with each tier representing the allocations for the investor's Participation in different tiers depending on the amount of GEM held.
  • NFTmall Founder NFTs act as a key to safe and successful access to the launchpad. Value Proposition? How to Participate? FAQ?