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GEM Token

What is GEM? Contract address, Total supply🤔
Introducing GEM, the native Governance & Utility token of NFTmall.
A total number of 20M GEM was minted on Binance Smart Chain and it is the maximum that can ever exist.
Total Supply = 20M (Deflationary token, 25% of the marketplace fees is used to buy back and burn)
BuY GEM in various Dex's across the chains, we have bridged BEP20 GEM and added liquidity on various Dex's, with only 20 million to ever be released and liquidity on top decimals, it's the perfect way to get started with a high-tier altcoin. Create, Buy & Sell Digital assets verified & secured with Blockchain. Join the NFT revolution by minting your first NFT today!
GEM 💎 Contract addresses:
💎 Binance Smart Chain GEM Contract address
💎 Avalanche GEM Contract address
💎 Polygon GEM Contract address
💎 Ethereum GEM Contract address
💎ThunderCoreGEM Contract address 0x218c3c3D49d0E7B37aff0D8bB079de36Ae61A4c0
NFTmall has made NFT transactions easier than ever and more cost-efficient by introducing GEM. Defi features like Staking, Yield farming and E-commerce have also been introduced on the Blockchain. So it doesn't matter if you are the NFT Creator, Collector, GEM Staker or Yield Farmer, you are important to the NFTmall platform as a whole.