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How & where to buy GEM tokens?
PancakeSwap is the most liquid place to accuire $GEM tokens.
By owning GEM💎 you become an NFTmall stakeholder. Holding GEM allows governance of the platform and by staking you can earn from the fees generated by the Marketplace.
There is only 20M GEM will ever be released and a total of 20M GEM was originally minted as BEP20 token on BSC,we have bridged the BSC GEMinto other blockchains and added liquidity. Currently, GEM tokens are available on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche and ThunderCore and trading on Pancakeswap, Uniswap, Trader joe, Quickswap & TTSwap.
Although GEM token is available on all these DEXs, the most liquid and popular place to swap isPancakeSwapon theBinance Smart Chain.

💎 Purchase GEM on TTSwap​

💎GEM is available on Multiple Blockchains
As well as DEX's GEM is also available to trade on Centralised Exchanges. To trade GEM tokens on Centralized Exchanges, please refer to:
​Latoken GEM/USDT​
​Bilaxy GEM/BNB​
​Tokpie GEM/WBTC​
​Tokpie GEM/ETH​