How to add liquidity to the (Polygon) GEM-Matic pair on Quickswap and earn from trading fees?
Since a total of 20M GEM was originally minted as BEP20 token on BSC, to add liquidity on Quickswap either you have to collect Polygon GEM from Quickswap or you can also bridge BSC GEM to Polygon GEM using "Multichain Router".
Here is the complete step-by-step guide on how to add liquidity in the (Polygon)GEM-Matic pair on Quickswap and earn from trading fees.
  • Visit the Liquidity page. Connect the wallet and Configure it on the Polygon network. Click on the "ADD Liquidity" button.
  • One of the Inputs MATIC is automatically chosen by default. For the 2nd input, click ‘Select a currency’. and choose the 2nd token in the liquidity pair you want to add liquidity to. Here, we are going to use GEM.(Paste the Polygon GEM contract address 0x4a7b9a4589a88a06ca29f99556db08234078d727 & Click ADD GEM)
  • Enter an amount on one of the tokens under “Input”. The other should be calculated and filled automatically. Click "Supply" a pop-up will appear and show how much GEM-MATIC LP token you will receive. Now click on "Confirm supply".Your web3 wallet pop-up will appear, here you need to click "Confirm" to authorise the transaction.
  • Congratulations!
    you just added liquidity in the GEM-MATIC pair on Quickswap. Now to see your GEM-MATIC LP tokens on your Metamask, paste 0xAD840f0cce84d4304eC6F191B1C6F55cab265b1e under import token. On Metamask it shows as a " UNI-V2 " token.
Last modified 11mo ago